Homeschooling presents unique challenges for even the most qualified tutors: whereas usually a tutor is supplementing a school’s work regimen, a homeschooling tutor functions as the student’s principal educator for the subject at hand. As a result, we at Accolade are careful to ensure that our homeschooling tutors are not only capable of shouldering these responsibilities and demands that come with homeschooling - both social and academic - but are also equipped with all the appropriate resources and tools.

Although homeschooling may seem a daunting prospect for a student, we prefer to think of it as a unrivaled opportunity. Whether a student has been forced into this form of education due to illness, or has pro-actively opted to venture down the homeschooling avenue, it presents a unique chance to explore academia in a bespoke and personalised fashion. It is our mission to ensure our homeschooling clients can get the very most out of their experience.