Private Tuition

If you’re looking to employ a tutor on an hourly basis – by far and away the most common type of tuition sought after – this is the option for you.

Typically, private tuition takes place at the client’s home, though occasionally it can take place at the tutor’s home, or in an appropriate public place, such as a library. The beauty of private tuition is its flexibility: it’s perfect for the client looking to take on a tutor on an intensive basis during the run-in to exams, but also for the client looking for long-term tuition on a weekly basis.

If geographical factors make traditional private tuition untenable, we also offer online tuition. This can also be a viable option for students at boarding school looking for booster lessons. 

We take pride in hand-picking tutors who exemplify professionalism, integrity and academic brilliance - and we will do everything within our power to find you the perfect fit.