Lesson One: The Idea

Lesson Two: Point of View & Tense

Lesson Three: Opening Sentence

Lesson Four: Planning & Structure

Lesson Five: Characterisation

Lesson Six: Language Techniques

Lesson Seven: Dialogue & Inner Dialogue

Lesson Eight: Sentence & Paragraph Length

Lesson Nine: Endings

Accolade Tuition’s Creative Writing Course

Cambridge Masters graduate & bestselling thriller author, R. P. Davis, has created an intensive, beautifully animated, 2-hour-long creative writing course for GCSE students - and now, for the first time ever, it is available for anyone to view completely free.

A Quality Resource for a Compulsory Skill

Every student is required to tackle creative writing as part of their GCSE in English Language, but, for too long, they’ve had to make do with mediocre resources: dry textbooks that fail to push the envelope. So the Accolade Team got together to create a resource that changes the game.

The Power of Video

So many students learn better when presented with video and audio as opposed to the written word alone, yet the lecture format is woefully under-utilised. But not only have we decided to harness the power of lectures, we’ve also decided to pair it with bespoke, custom-made animations - a medium proven to engage young minds.

Breaking Things Down & Inspiring

By breaking down the writing process into ten discrete elements, Davis not only covers the basics - the planning, the dialogue, the point of view - but also explores ways for students to distinguish their answers from the crowd.

Flexible, Inclusive & Exam Board Orientated

Although this course is aimed primarily at GCSE students - indeed, a whole lesson is dedicated to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the various GCSE exam boards: OCR, Edexcel, CIE IGCSE, AQA - it’s also designed to be accessible to ambitious, younger secondary students.

Lesson Ten: Exam Techniques