Our Ethos

If you visit the website of any of London’s largest tutoring agencies, you're bound to read the same old thing: our philosophy puts the student first; we're all about lateral and creative thinking; hand-picking uniquely qualified tutors is our priority

But here’s the thing: both Lauren and I – the two founders of Accolade Tuition – have spent years working for tutoring agencies; and while we generally found them to be run by lovely people, we believe they often fell short of these ideals. Indeed, the match-making process frequently felt impersonal and arbitrary: job opportunities would be blasted out to the entire database of tutors and whoever responded first would get the role.  

At Accolade Tuition, we’re intent on doing things differently. We’re dedicated to knowing all of our tutors personally – so that when a client comes through our door, we can ensure the recommendations we’re putting forward are thoughtfully tailored to their specific needs.

We’re a boutique agency offering a boutique, personalised service. We want to do more than make quick matches: we offer professional advice and guidance, too.

However, our self-conception is also about being more than just an agency. We understand that we have a responsibility to contribute more widely to the educational community – because we know that this is the only way to stay abreast of an ever-changing educational sector and the needs of students going through it.  

It’s this conviction that led us to establish Accolade Tuition TV – a bank of premium educational video resources produced by some of the best teachers in the world and tailored to the syllabuses of major public examinations.

It’s this conviction that led us to the birth of our sister company, Accolade Press – whose first range of GCSE study guides, we’re excited to report, are slated for release in early 2019.

So give Accolade a go. Let us find you that elite, hand-picked tutor of your dreams – and then let us go that extra mile.

Richard is an engaging and supportive tutor.
He is incredibly kind and creates a focused space in which his students can flourish. My son really enjoyed his lessons and passed his exam gaining the place he wanted at university.
— Claire L, North London