Residential & Vacation

Residential tuition is a more holistic service in which a tutor is brought into the client’s home for a predetermined period of time – usually days or weeks – and tuition takes place on an ongoing basis. This sort of tuition is perfect, for instance, for any parent seeking to keep their child on the ball over the school holidays.

We go to great pains to ensure that any tutor we send into a residential scenario has the ability to fall naturally into the client’s daily rhythms, and – perhaps even more importantly – has the right personality to gel with the student in question. The intensive nature of this form of tuition means that students will have the chance to spend extended periods of time with academic paragons – individuals who exemplify hard work and impeccable conduct. 

Accolade also offers international tuition: an extension of the residential model in which tutors join the client (and usually his or her family) while they travel abroad.